Jump on The Global eBay Bandwagon

With eBay’s first ever worldwide global brand campaign now in full swing, we want to help you benefit from it.

The online retail giant has launched the ‘Shop-the-World’ campaign to show how moments of inspiration can become instantly available on your mobile device. The campaign will boast how buyers can make instant purchases and get inspired by collections from around the globe.

So…as eBay prepares to grab the online column inches once again, don’t miss out on this opportunity to sell, sell, sell. Here are some tips:

1) List your stock properly
Optimise your stock with strong images, succinct descriptions and understandable admin details.

2) Get mobile-friendly
Experts predict that 50% of eBay transactions will be touched by a mobile device in the run up to Christmas. Do your listings look great on mobile?

3) Offer options
Click & Collect and tracked deliveries bring happiness to shoppers. This might not float your boat, but it could be the difference between someone choosing you above the competition.

4) Get Smart!
What does your shop window look like? Have you had a look at the Promotions Manager platform? If you’re selling a lovely bag, why not promote some shoes to provide a relevant upsell?

Enjoy the sales!

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